By Denia Villegas

Join a day of French mussels, drinks, (& coffee, of course), and fashion talks with Inga, as she chats with DoMa's Muse, Marisa Byrant, at her favorite French-Mediterranean restaurant, Osteria Nando, in NYC’s Upper East Side.

Discover everything you need to know about our Muse's multifaceted trajectory — from her childhood vintage finds, and young-model experiences, to her dedicated charity foundation and most desired life memoirs. Come hang out with us, where French flavors meet New York cool.


Her Creative Background

From Las Vegas, Los Angeles, to New York City, Marisa dedicates her life to cultivating her true passions. From being a writer, model, entrepreneur, and vintage curator to also the co-owner of an organization, she has redefined the concept of being a multifaceted Muse and refers to herself as a “serial entrepreneur.” Growing up in Eugene and Las Vegas, Marisa is inspired by the lifestyle of both cities. “In Eugene I had a very peaceful life, I would garden, go to the river with my grandmother and I got to learn about nature, it was like a delicate piece of me in that city. For Marisa, she found her best self in the creative city of New York. Her first time in the city was a love-at-first-sight type of thing — “I LOVED New York City from the very first moment I arrived."

Marisa’s Favorite Vintage Purse & Style

Marisa got her artfully printed ‘Manhattan’ bag from her business partner, who also happens to be her BFF. According to her, it's basically Marisa in a bag – “a lover girl navigating the loving streets of New York.” She describes her purse as totally “on-brand for me” & of course, it’s vintage! Marisa loves a good Museworthy thrift-find. She enjoys finding unique pieces that have a story of their own as she was introduced to sourcing vintage and thrifting around 16 years ago by her mother. “We’ve always done thrifting as a fun activity to do together, I just started styling my vintage outfits mostly because I couldn’t afford the stuff that was at the mall and we loved the great prices – I’ve probably been to every Goodwill there is in the US at this point.” 


Marisa with her vintage Manhattan bag


Lady in pink

Is there anything more iconic than having a drink named after you at your favorite NYC restaurant? Marisa is truly the ultimate Muse. “So, here we have the Violet Lady, which we created this cocktail last year during Women’s History Month. It has empress gin and we usually throw a nice floral touch to it and on this one, we have a rosemary inside.” Marisa is the type of Muse who leaves her graceful essence everywhere she goes.


"I'm probably pairing a million things together that no one else would, but I love styling myself like this."


More than a Muse

Marisa's deepest desire is to be remembered for the love she shared - “I want to be remembered most for the way I loved others and by that I mean, that when I’m not here on this earth anymore all I want people to feel is love by me and that I gave them a loving experience in this lifetime – that’s all I want in life.” Her mission, alongside her business partner, is all about creating a lasting impact through their children's foundation, "Healing Hearts Through Art." “We basically curate wellness programs and work with young adults to educate them on the benefits of utilizing art as a healthy coping skill. I’m also looking into working with more young women's shelters in the future” she says.


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