Danielle Klein

Based in Beverly Hills, California, Danielle Klein is a personal shopper and digital stylist with an affinity for all things colorful and classic. With her west coast energy fueling her laidback style, discover her endlessly chic closet featuring Chanel, Dior and more.

What does the word Muse mean to you?


What are three words to describe your personal style? 


How do you feel that you can tell a story through how you dress? 


What are three pieces that make up your “daily uniform?"


As a figure in the editorial fashion world, what do you predict for the evolving future of luxury press? 


What does the word Muse mean to you?

To me, the word is thought-provoking and instills feelings of wonder and curiosity.

What are three words to describe your personal style, both in your approach to interior design and dressing?

Dimensional, colorful and playful.

How does your background in decor inform your personal style and aesthetic?

I am definitely attracted to color and liveliness. Over the years, I've tried to pause before adding too much of that into my home, but I absolutely love experimenting with textures, volume, and saturation. 

What’s a designer or collection that’s been Musing you lately?

I’ve loved Mara Hoffman’s pieces for so long and her brand. I admire the longevity and simple beauty of the pieces alongside its sustainable practices. 

How has working in media informed your style and daily uniform?

So much has changed in the way I dress since Covid-19. I’m working from home still and keep it pretty casual. So I love pieces that feel comfortable, can easily take me throughout my day, but still have lots of personality.