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Making a Case for the Basics

August 25, 2022
By Sophie Andreesen

Lately I’ve been in a bit of a fashion funk, and not for lack of chic new styles and fresh ideas, rather the opposite. Between my industry job, general love of fashion and a carefully curated social media algorithm, my overconsumption of fashion ideas has left me over-inspired. 

The world, and in particular the world of fashion, moves very quickly these days. A style moment feels fleeting, and lately I find it hard to decipher whether I’m drawn to something innately or if it's become palpable from seeing it diluted across my feeds and soon the New York streets.

It’s gotten to a point where even shopping feels like a chore.

Am I having a style-identity crisis, maybe? Or, perhaps, I’ve just discovered more of a reason to lean on the basics.

The street-style that catches my eye now-a-days isn’t someone who dons a never-before-seen cutout, a cult-worthy shoe, or a bag stamped with logos. The ones I find myself stopping to take note of, wear the ordinary with confidence. They know the classics never go out of style and – more often than not – quality overshadows the new shiny trend.

For the longest time, I wanted to be the first and only to sport off-the-runway equivalents– to the extent that I could. But, once the style felt familiar, the allure was lost.

Call it fashion-maturity, but lately I’ve leaned into a new-found affinity for the classiques (think: good denim, a t-shirt and blazer). From the rise of stylist leaders like J.Crew’s Olympia Gayot, reintroducing the power of luxurious basics one cashmere and crisp poplin shirt at a time, to my personal, forever-muse, Carolyn Bassette-Kennedy’s enviable basics, there is proof that with a little imagination great tailoring can transcend time. 

Instead of one showy detail defining your look, with great classics you’re forced to explore creativity, finding fresh combinations with pieces that on their own are rather plain. My motto: anything that comes too easily loses its fun.

So as we enter fall, and I start compiling a wishlist to refresh and fill in gaps in my wardrobe, here are the not-so-obvious classics that are top of my list. (... and trust me you’ll find a million ways to wear them).

1. A Pointed Toe

Whether a flat, kitten heel (my personal favorite) or sky-high stiletto, the pointed toe never fails to complement a look and elongate your figure. It's an effortless way to give a polished feel to denim from cutoffs to a straight leg. To complement my beloved nude suede Manolo pumps, I’m eyeing leather slingbacks in black.


Saffiano White Kitten Slingbacks

US 5.5 | IT 35.5


Patent So Noir Pumps in Nude

US 9.5 | IT 39.5

Gianvito Rossi

105 Leather Pumps

US 7.5 | IT 37.5

2. The Bomber

Yes, this one tows the line of trend and timeless, but looking through the archives you’ll notice a good bomber never really went out of style. In my closet I have a few leather renditions – a boxier cut in brown and a black, more tailored silhouette from CELINE. Next on my list: perhaps suede or satin. The laidback cut adds a perfect boyish feel to dresses, or a cool appeal to a collared shirt and jeans.

Stella McCartney

White Mesh Bomber Jacket


Penelope Croc Bomber Jacket


Looped Sleeve Bomber Jacket

3. A Ribbed Tank

An equivalent to the tried-and-true white tee, I’ve become obsessed with a great fitting ribbed tank. Here are a few things I look for in the perfect one, because trust me its trial and error. First, the material: I like for mine to be thick with a good elastic ratio so they don’t stretch through the day. Second, the length: some are frankly just too long. Yes, you can do a fold at the hem, but ideally I like for mine to hit a touch below the waist of mid-rise jeans allowing for a little room between too much ruching and sliding up through the day. Third, and final, the neckline: I’m drawn to styles that trace my shoulders, adding a more feminine appeal and differentiating between my crew neck tees.

Simon Miller

Troost Racer Tank

Mara Hoffman

Black Knit Tank


Tan Ruched Tank Top