Muse Me Away

Summer 2022

The summer season marks an annual genesis; spring is the exposition, teasing sweet, blooming beginnings before a rush of nostalgia, bright hues and spontaneity in the new season.

Creative Director: Inga Odette | Photographer: Jancarlo Cortez | Videographer: Brandon Dottin | Stylist: Brian Solis | Stylist Assistant: Sydney Sullivan | Makeup: John Wilger | Models: Ovo Drenth, Valerie Chapman and Haoqing Geng
Special thank you to Jackie Martin

 DoMa invites you to embark on our escapist fantasies, rooted in dreaminess and wanderlust.

 Reimagine your summer silhouettes and indulge in the DoMa days.

Muse me away
To fantasy and fiction
That makes me free

To a sultry season
That reunites us

To the warmth of the sun
That comforts every moment

To discover style
That expresses my essence

To the roots of my youth
That keeps me playful

To summer nostalgia
That sparks reflection

Muse me away
To the DoMa Days.