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The Sidewalk Strut

June 24, 2022
By Sophie Andreesen

Tim Walker for Vogue Italy, 1999 from Pinterest

In New York, the fashion-obsessed, fashion-curious, fashion-adjacent, and even the mere fashion-bystander know warmer days and 8 pm-rose-tinged-skies mean the return of one of the city’s greatest assets: summer street style.

This isn’t to say street style hibernates for the winter, but instead a particular attitude reveals itself during the summer months. A fresh confidence that can only be described by a display of shorter hems, bare shoulders and a parade of vibrant prints and hues.

From June to September sidewalk ensembles are accompanied with a newfound strut.

If you live in New York you know the feeling: putting on “a little outfit” just because. Maybe it's for a quick trip to your corner bodega to grab a pack of gum. Or, rather, a spin in the park, catching up with a friend, getting in your steps, all while test-driving that new trend you invested in.

The sidewalk strut comes with unmatched adrenalin, the type that cannot be manifested in any single, perfectly-posed Instagram.

There isn’t a competitive nature against fellow New Yorker’s, trying to prove themselves as more fashion-savvy than the next. But, instead it’s an air of inspiration. As if with each outfit that passes by, they’re giving a bit of creativity, fresh thinking and musings.

So as the days get hotter and nights become longer, do as the New Yorkers do: allow yourself to get mused away in your fashion choices. Emulate the same just because-attitude into your travels, from getaways upstate to weeklong trips spent beachside to a Euro-tour.

This summer be a muse for yourself. Be a muse for others. And let Dora Maar Muse you away with closets of fashions for any destination.