Natalia del Rivero

Founder of her own company, Del Rivero Design, Natalia del Rivero fuses her knowledge of communication and design into her global brands' creative services. Offering her clients creative solutions to their marketing plans, she also emanates elegance effortlessly in her chic sense of style. Discover artfully inspired silhouettes in her closet featuring Zimmermann, Missoni and more.

What does the word "Muse" mean to you?

It means inspiration, creativity, aspiration. It's an individual, who, like the nine Greek or Roman Goddesses, has something intangible that no one else has… An aura of sorts. A “je ne sais quoi!”

What is your approach to dressing festively for holiday gatherings?

Pairing a classic and simple piece with fun accessories… Shoes! Purse! Rings! And texture, lots of texture.

How would you describe your closet in three words?

Classic. Neutral. Practical. 

Whose style is inspiring you most right now?

Admittedly, I’m not great at following trends or the latest and greatest. I always seem to refer to the same people, periods or brands: classic Dior evening wear, 90s fashion à la Princess Diana, old J. Crew, Jenny Walton, Audrey Hepburn and Jane Birkin.

If you could have a front row seat for any runway show, what would you pick?

Chanel or Ralph Lauren.