Tara Moni

With years in the fashion industry under her belt, Tara Moni has an innate wisdom when it comes to luxurious and glamorous dressing.
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What does the word Muse mean to you?

I feel like we traditionally think of muses in a very whimsical sense but I encounter muses everyday! Can be a friend, colleague or even a passerby on the street. It’s the most fun to find inspiration in unexpected ways.

What are some of your favorite ways to embrace avant-garde silhouettes for everyday wear?

I love mixing something avant-garde with something a bit more feminine and sexy.

Your go-to look for a special occasion?

I honestly don’t think I have a go-to look because I like to be bold, fun and mix things up. I rarely wear a black gown.

Is there a designer that you feel embodies your aesthetic time and time again?

If I could wear strictly Miu Miu I would...

What’s an emerging designer you’re Musing over right now?

I love seeing Marina Larroude grow her brand in a disruptive yet genuine way. I also adore contemporary resortwear from Australia, like Mattaeu, SIR The Label, Aje, Posse and of course Zimmermann (not all necessarily emerging).

What are your favorite accessories to incorporate in your everyday wardrobe to instantly elevate your look?

Jennier Fisher hoops, without question!