My mission was to create a platform of discovery and inspiration for luxury fashion. A launching pad for consumers to discover the preowned luxuries that are found among their network's enviable closets, and for consignors to connect their closets to a network of women inspired by their personal style and intentional approach to fashion. In fact, I had my “aha” moment when my dear friend (and of course, a fashionable celebrity stylist herself) styled, modeled, and sold her closet directly to her network. I sought to create a singular platform that made it easy and personal for women everywhere to shop the curated closets of influential tastemakers, all in one place.

The result was Dora Maar. Inspired by the muse's namesake, Dora Maar is the fashion platform to shop a curated selection of preowned luxury from the most coveted closets. Our Muses. We have created a network of devoted fashion followers who believe that fashion extends beyond the runway. At the heart of our brand is a commitment not only to the craft, quality, and everlasting nature of luxury, but to the style and story of where it came from and where it will go next.

Xx Lauren T. Wilson