Creme Nourrissante


This body cream, made with 97% ingredients of natural origin, nourishes, softens and comforts the driest skin. Infused with pink quartz microcrystals, it reflects the light to illuminate and enhance the skin. Its rich and luscious texture, with a subtle pinkish colour, envelops the skin in a veil of softness. Indulge in its delicate scent with powdery and musky floral notes.

Authenticity and sensoriality underlie this alluring relationship that has built up over the years between the brand and these women, who are taking ownership of their beauty. 

Direct from brand.

Apply daily every morning and/or evening after washing for perfect, long-lasting cleanliness. Apply only to the armpits.

200 ml - 6.7 fl oz

Jojoba Oil, Cotton Oil, Pink Quartz Micro-crystals

Made in France

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