My Payot Regard


Quiet? Sleepless? Partying? How you spend the nights is reflected in your eye contour area. This treatment is the first line of defense against dark circles and puffiness. This massaging roll-on restores yesterday's vitality to the eyes.


For nearly 100 years the French founded beauty brand, PAYOT, has been offering skin and body care based formulas, offering skin and body care based on innovative formulas that incorporate the latest scientific advances. Authenticity and sensoriality underlie this alluring relationship that has built up over the years between the brand and these women, who are taking ownership of their beauty.

Direct from brand.

Press the tube gently while rolling the balls around the eye contour area. Help the excess product to penetrate the skin by gently tapping with fingertips.

15ml - 0.5 fl oz

Goji Berry, Acaï Berries, Active Bifidus, Chamomile Extract

Made in France

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