"Dora Maar has always been a platform that believes in people before products. To create a more equitable and sustainable future, we have to push the story–– the why–– to the forefront of fashion. The story of Dora Maar is one that is not held by many platforms in the luxury fashion industry.

It started with me: a then 29-year old biracial New Yorker in 2019.

"In 2020, as I grappled with my own identity, straddled between Black and White, I recognized that Dora Maar owned the power to not only tell these stories and celebrate triumphs of the all too small pool of Black designers, creatives and Muses who break into the highest echelons of luxury fashion–– but we also had the power to

Move it forward."

"Provide emerging Black designers the space and the platform to tell their stories and build their businesses. Construct a space and a community of Muses who looked like me–– women like Shelby Hyde, Marisa Bryant and Rose Dadou, whose authoritative voices shape the narrative of fashion each season."

"And whose images inspire the next generation of young Black and biracial girls. So as we celebrate a month that is focused on honoring the stories of Black people in this country, I am reminded that Dora Maar’s own story, and in many ways my own, is unique in the luxury space."

"Four years since the founding of this brand, I am more proud than ever to embrace this identity and determined to propel us all forward–– this month and every month."

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