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Dora Maar is the only marketplace where you can shop luxury fashion from your favorite Muses.

Our Muses are fashion-loving individuals who demand attention with their uniquely aspirational approaches to dress. Through their digital storefronts on Dora Maar, they champion every silhouette’s opportunity to tell new, vibrant stories.

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From Our Founder

I started Dora Maar as a platform to discover and experience the transformative nature of fashion. Especially luxury fashion, where the sheer craft of a specific piece is laced with the rich history of the designer, their heritage, and all of the people whose stories have added to its luster.

Lauren Wilson, Founder & CEO

Inspired by our namesake, Dora Maar, we look to women whose style inspires and influences those around them. Everything our Muses consign or curate has provenance and is its own powerful vehicle for storytelling.

As you discover the treasures behind these closet doors, I urge you to also explore the compelling stories behind each of our Muses. I am proud that Dora Maar is uniquely positioned to showcase a diverse set of people who use fashion as personal forms of self-expression. Their stories, just like their styles, are distinct and extraordinary.

The Muse Closet

The Muse closet is the digital storefront for every garment, accessory, home piece and more that the Muse consigns. It is also the destination to shop archival luxury pieces directly from brands that have collaborated with our Muses.

Style Storytelling

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Every silhouette tells a story. Hear directly from the Muse themselves about unique memories with pieces in their closets through voice notes attached to their product pages.