By Denia Villegas

Join Inga, as she chats with DoMa's Founder, Lauren, at her home in Brooklyn Heights. Discover everything you need to know about our Founder — whether it’s her favorite designers, childhood memories, to the meaning behind her sought-after house art.

 Inga has known Lauren for many years and has built a strong friendship outside of DoMa’s bustling work hours. For the very first time, Inga steps into Lauren’s home and discovers all the details about DoMa’s Founder.

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How it all began

Lauren shares that her initial encounter with the fashion world was influenced by her "glamorous grandmother," whose style was big, fun, and full of glamour. “It was from an early age that I developed an interest in fashion –– I've always been a big dreamer. As a teenager, I would bring home fifteen magazines every Friday, and my family literally wanted to kill me – who would've thought 15 years later, I would have founded my own company in the industry?! Lauren adds that it was not just about reading the magazines but submerging herself in them — “I wanted to absorb myself in the pages of the magazines and understand all about them, who were the players in fashion? Who were the celebrities at that moment? What were they wearing? Where were they going? — I just wanted to be part of that so badly.”

Family has always been important

 Lauren’s family has always supported her through this journey. “My family always supported my dreams, and even though the first time I confronted them about opening a business within the fashion industry they, of course, laughed… but since then, their support has been my rock.” We all have to agree that there’s something special about NYC — “The vibrant heartbeat of New York City serves as a constant muse for me. Its rhythm, environment and people fuel my aspirations and drive me to dream big. Living in this city cultivates my inspiration, making the impossible feel possible, not only as a Founder but as an individual constantly evolving.” 

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Lauren in her home in Brooklyn Heights

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Starting Dora Maar 

Dora Maar took its first steps in 2020, “a leap of faith” that has since evolved into a transformative platform for luxury fashion. The concept revolves around discovering and experiencing the essence of luxury through the most-coveted closets (a.k.a Muses’ closets).” Describing the journey as "insane," she acknowledges the challenges conquered, including being a Black Founder in the industry —“As a mixed raced girl I suppressed myself and my ideas for a long time, I noticed that the girls that looked like me and came from a similar background like mine, didn’t get far — I didn’t want to be different” she adds.

Dora Maar goes beyond shopping for designer fashion, it’s pioneering a new way to fashion and represents all of us — “I’m proud to have a business that gives the voice, space, and platform to celebrate luxury fashion in different shapes, sizes, and colors. I want to inspire young women to be able to see themselves to do what we do and not feel like they have to change themselves to fit in.”

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