modern regency with dora maar

Join Dora Maar for an evening of games and glamorous fashion festivities with our Muses

september 20th, 2023

PHOTOGRAPHY By Sophie ming

Together with Muses Jasmine Woodard Rose and Jillian Eversole, DoMa hosted a night of Modern Regency. Celebrating with period activities and attire, it was an evening of games, comradery and Charlestonians.  

We want to give the biggest thank you to Sorelle for the welcoming atmosphere, @avaline for the wine,
Gran Valor for the sparkling wine  
and @bougiegougies for the impeccable pastries. Follow us along as we recap our time in the Muse-filled city--we simply cannot wait to return.

@mrbsalinas, @laurentaylorwilson & @shadesofpinck    

 @jasminewoodardrose, @layrentaylorwilson, @mrbsalinas & @jillian_eversole

Pastries from @bougiegougies

@jasminewoodardrose & @juliaberolzheimer 

Violinist @christiebatesviolin


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@jasminewoodardrose & @shadesofpinck 

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Wine from @avaline

@jillian_eversole & @annika.moffett

@jillian_eversole, @annika.moffett, @mrbsalinas 

@mrbsalinas & @laurentaylorwilson


@jasminewoodardrose , @avaline wine

@jasminewoodardrose & @mrbsalinas

Muses playing the card game Whist

@ali_lew & @alismalls

@jasminewoodardrose, @laurentaylorwilson, @mrbsalinas & @jillian_eversole

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@shadesofpinck, @margaretsullivanphoto & @mrbsalinas



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