Embrace Authenticity and Personal Expression

with Muse @amandajonesvaughan

We had the pleasure of having Muse Amanda Jones Vaughan visit the DoMa studio in NYC to talk all things fashion and take a few snapshots of her in pieces from her curated closet. You always imagine what it's like to meet your Muse, the person that inspires you. Before meeting Amanda face to face, we described her on her Dora Maar closet profile as a woman who is "a bright light with a bold business mindset - a perfect pairing of professionalism and playfulness." As we began shooting on an early Tuesday morning, not only does the above, original sentiment ring true about Amanda–– but what struck us the most, was her bright-eyed, boundless energy and her unwavering commitment to ensuring that fashion always celebrates authenticity and individualism.

Who inspires your personal style today?

My mother has always been my style icon, with her innate sense of flair and impeccable wardrobe choices.

What lessons did your mother teach you about personal style?

Be true to yourself, have fun with fashion, and find the perfect balance between expression and simplicity.

How do you envision passing down your style legacy?

By embracing authenticity, I hope to inspire my children to confidently express themselves through fashion.

@amandajonesvaughan wearing Dolce & Gabbana Lemon Print V-Neck Dress.  Available in her curated closet 

What does being a Dora maar Muse mean to you and how does fashion serve as a means of
self-expression for you?

It's about owning my style, exploring new looks, and embracing the ever-evolving nature of personal identity. Fashion speaks volumes when words fail. It empowers me, boosts my confidence, and brings joy to both myself and others. Fashion allows us to celebrate our individuality and curate our own unique narratives. Let's have fun, be fearless, and express ourselves through style.

Amanda wearing Saint Laurent Floral Printed Scarf from the closet of @curvygirldc, Michael Kors Collection Dolman Sleeve Button Down Shirt in Gingham from Amanda's own closet and Saint Laurent sunglasses from @clarysarah

Amanda wearing Esme VieVenezia Dress in Snow White and Emerald Green