Stories of Precious Stones


Inspired by the California Coast, jewelry designer Jia- Jia Zhu is inspired by the wisdom and beauty of our earth. Growing up collecting natural treasures she found along the beach, she is devoted to creating intentional jewelry with great vibes and a big heart.

The launch of her brand was an organic result of her passion; she hand-selects natural, uncut and untreated crystals and crafts them into truly unique designs for accessorizing, as well as for the home. Discover beautiful stones with unique properties and radiant energies in Jia Jia's empowering collection.

Meet the Designer

Jia-Jia Zhu started her work with crystals during a meditation in Bali. There, she spent time practicing Yoga, Meditation and Reiki, inwardly studying her own spirit and soul. With a background as a jewelry buyer at Bergdorf Goodman and fourteen years in the fashion industry, she continued to immerse herself in the world of gems so she could build her own business from the ground up. The brand itself harnesses her appreciation for the beautiful and medicinal experiences the nature world provides.

The Design Process

Crafted exclusively from ethically-sourced natural minerals, each piece is intentionally informed by its origins and custom hand set with gold, diamonds, and semi-precious hand carved stones, here in the United States. Prior to design, each gem undergoes an ancient process to reset and detox any unwanted energies that may remain so that the final product is wholly pure and warrants positivity.