La Dolce Vita of Esme Vie

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Founded in 2013, the Milan-based luxury label, Esme Vie, seeks to experiment with shape, volume and dimension, sculpting glamorous garments that blend dreaminess with sensibility. The brand prioritizes Italy's finest satins and silks, sustainably sourcing their textiles and hand-crafting each and every design themselves. Drawing a diverse, global clientele, Esme Vie recognizes the modern woman's elegance and majesty and meticulously cuts silhouettes to reflect their very essence.

Natalie Bloomingdale


Meet Natalie Bloomingdale, founder of the SIL, an e-commerce platform for one-of-a-kind pieces curated by the tastemaker herself. Discover her closet that showcases her affinity for effeminate tailoring and chic, sleek dressing.

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Photography by Morgan Pansing

Rosana Auqué


Originally from Colombia, Rosana Auqué has lived in Milan since 2017. There, her relationship with the founder of Esme Vie grew and fostered her inspiration as an artist, furthering her fascination with nature and its dreaminess, a celebrated aesthetic for the luxury label. Sharing values for avant-garde experimentalism, Rosana embraces the brand’s glamorous heart, inviting her Muse closet to showcase the sensational silhouettes.

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Photography by Paul Velas