Happy Mother's Day

Sitting in a bustling coffee shop, I type away with one hand while the other gently rocks the stroller back and forth. Inside, my 7-month-old son, Magnus, sleeps peacefully. As he naps, I savor a few precious moments to work. When he stirs, he's content to watch the world go by, finding endless entertainment in the faces around us. I often refer to him as my "bar baby" because he's my constant companion—whether it's at this coffee shop, a friendly bar, bustling restaurants, the hairdresser, the gym, the Prada sample sale, or even the office when last-minute changes upend our plans. With our families far-flung—mine in Norway and my husband’s in North Carolina—Magnus is invariably part of our adventures. Staying home simply isn't my style; I thrive on social interactions, and it seems Magnus does too. He's happiest in the company of others, a joy I cherish every day.  And, for now, I appreciate that he isn't yet toddling everywhere, making it easier to keep him close.In this search for community, I've connected with fellow Dora Maar mothers and daughters, seeking their stories, advice, and companionship.

Inga Odette, DoMa's Creative Director 


Sharon & her kids Elizabeth, Adrian & Dylan


I was so lucky to step into the vibrant home of Sharon, her daughter Elizabeth, and sons Adrian & Dylan, where fashion, family, and hard work blend seamlessly. On a serene Sunday in May, her children shared their admiration for their mom, praising her as both hardworking and the epitome of cool in the fashion industry. They cherish moments like being tucked in at night and always associate her with happiness. Gabriel, Sharon's supportive husband, ensures everyone feels welcome, even cooking breakfast to round off the visit. Discover more about how Sharon and Gabriel instill the values of diligence and reward in their children, making every family moment count.


Rainey & her mom Kathy

Discover the heartfelt connection between Rainey and her mom, Kathy, as they share closets and life lessons.


How has your mother shaped you into who you are today?

"I would not be the woman I am today without my mother guiding the way. All of my best qualities are from her. She is a force. She is selfless, compassionate, radiant, and the guiding light for our family. I could not have asked for a better role model in life, or style icon, or best friend."

How do you incorporate each other's fashion tastes or advice into your own personal style?

Rainey: "I think we have very similar tastes when it comes to fashion! I have picked up a lot of her fashion sense growing up, but I also think she has picked up some of mine in recent years, which makes it fun to share closets and ask each other's opinions. We are both dress-lovers at our core, who always love a classic, refined silhouette and fun prints. She is a bit more adventurous than me on the shoe front though, so I always have her in mind when I am picking out a new pair!"

Kathy: "For me whenever I’m putting an outfit together Rainey is on my mind. She has inspired me to come out of my comfort zone (and even wear more hats!). I’m always thinking….what would she wear with this? And I’m always sending her pictures of things for approval!"

If you could raid each other's closets for one item, what would it be and why?

Rainey: "Because I can't fit into her tiny shoes (sad!) - I'll say her handbag collection! She has so many unique, statement pieces collected from over the years that I often steal for events or weddings. It is hard to choose one, but a personal favorite may be her bright pink alligator clutch from Hermes."

Kathy: "This is easy! It would be her dresses! But, she has 6 inches on me unfortunately. Since most of her dresses will not work on me I would also say her collection of jewelry. She has such a talent for finding fun, different statement pieces. She is wonderful at discovering these designers that may not be a recognizable name yet. Then, she mixes up different styles together and it always looks fabulous!"

Kathy, what is one thing you admire about your daughter?

There are so many things about Rainey that I admire so it’s hard to pick one, but I’m going to say her work ethic. Since a young age she never tried to run from hard work. I think it’s a fabulous quality to have and often rare these days. Whether it was in school, dance, or her career she always puts her heart and soul into everything. That quality has spilled over now to being a wife, a daughter, a sister, and an aunt while also a young professional. She puts her heart and soul into it all."


Rachel & her mom Judith

Meet Rachel and her mom, Judith, a duo that turns fashion into a vibrant expression of life's joys.


What's the most valuable fashion advice or tip you've received from each other, and how has it influenced your style choices?

Judith: "Rachel constantly reminds me of the importance of style. I've always told her to let her individuality shine through her clothing choices."

Rachel: "My mom has a youthful spirit and embraces learning new things. I've introduced her to fresh fashion perspectives, like the idea that black can overshadow colors, encouraging her to experiment with bolder color combinations and varied shapes. We've moved beyond her strict 'no logo' rule to embrace items that combine functionality with a stylish graphic look."

Can you share a memorable fashion moment or trend that you both tried together, and how did it turn out?

Rachel: "We both value comfort, which made the trend of dad sandals perfect for us. It’s become more than a trend; it’s a permanent choice for our comfort and style."

Judith: "Following this trend, Rachel got me several pairs of stylish socks that work perfectly with sandals. We've also experimented with layering tube tops in unexpected ways, adding a fun twist to traditional looks."

Can you recall a special moment or experience that you and Rachel shared together, beyond fashion, that strengthened your bond as mother and daughter?

Judith: "For my 80th birthday, Rachel planned an incredibly thoughtful trip to New York City. We attended museum exhibits, saw Broadway shows, and indulged in some shopping, creating memories that will last a lifetime."


Sobia & her kids, Isaad & Lyali

Meet Sobia, who cherishes authenticity in fashion and family traditions.


What's one piece of fashion advice you've imparted to your children that you hope they'll carry with them as they navigate their own sense of style?

"I learnt this from my mother and have hopefully imparted it successfully to my children. And that is to never chase trends for the sake of what’s in fashion or of the moment. But instead, opt for what feels right and then embrace it and wear it with confidence."

Can you recall a particularly special moment or tradition you've shared with your children that holds a special place in your heart, and why does it mean so much to you?

"When my son, Isaad 23 and my daughter Lyali, 20 were much younger Nadir would always organize a brunch at my favorite restaurant with the kids. However, as they grew older, and as much as I loved eating out as a family, I started cherishing breakfast at home in our pjs. That tradition persisted till both our kids left for college. Along with the brunch at home I’ve always LOVED receiving cards from all three of them on Mother’s Day. I’m a very lucky woman because to this day they both mail me cards from New York. And Nadir hands me one in person, of course:) Hands down, the BEST Mother’s Day tradition and gift!"


Lauren & her mom Christine

Meet Lauren and Christine, a mother-daughter duo defined by their loving, respectful, and encouraging bond.


Lauren, could you describe a moment when your mom's fashion advice or sense of style influenced your own choices?

"Some of my favorite fashion moments with my mom revolve around our trips to Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall to get my outfits for my high school dances. We used to come back from our mall shopping trips with tons of different dresses, shoes, and jewelry options. When we got home, we would do a whole fashion show together to decide the look we wanted to go for. I guess you can say this informed the early stages of dressing like my favorite Muse! She always wanted me to have options so that whatever I chose to wear, I felt special and confident. She instilled confidence in me in so many ways, including through fashion."

What have you learned from each other?

Lauren: "My mom has always taught me to be brave and confident in who I am. Growing up, I would wear outfits that were loud or different from what some of my friends would wear. Even though I would stand out, she encouraged me to be uniquely myself. It is a life skill as well as a fashion skill that is deeply ingrained in me."

Christine: "In terms of fashion, Lauren has instilled a collector mindset in me. She has taught me that it is better to have one really good piece than multiple pieces of less quality. She has taught me how to invest in those key wardrobe staples. What she has also taught me as she grows into the woman she is today, is that even when you’re afraid to go for something, whether it be a daring new look or starting a business, it is better to go for it than never try it all."

Can you share a memorable adventure or travel experience you've had together that brought you closer as mother and daughter?

Lauren: "We have had so many amazing trips together, it’s hard to choose! There are three that really stand out."

"Christine: "One of our most memorable trips was when Lauren was 24. She spent the summer in Peru, and I visited. We explored everything from the Sacred Valley to the Amazon forest. That trip really brought us closer together spiritually and challenged us both.

"Lauren: "In Peru, we pushed each other outside of our comfort zones. Hiking up Machu Picchu Mountain was tough, I cried on the way up because it was so hard. And there was this incredible moment when my mom wrapped an Anaconda around her neck, just like Britney Spears in 'Toxic'. That’s when I knew my mom was a total badass!"

Christine: "For Lauren’s 30th birthday, we went to Paris, which was just before the world shut down due to the pandemic. Seeing Lauren connect with a city she loves and where she had previously studied abroad was incredibly moving. It was like seeing her life come full circle.

"Lauren: "Paris was magical, especially the early morning when we got a private tour of the Ritz Paris. It felt like being Eloise at the Plaza. That trip celebrated our shared passions and marked a significant milestone in my life and career."

Christine: "More recently, when Lauren moved to Brooklyn, I was thrilled to help her decorate her new studio. We went antiquing upstate, which was a fantastic opportunity to bond over our shared love for interior design."

Lauren: "Moving to Brooklyn and designing my studio with my mom was so special. It allowed us to bond over our individual and shared passions, like never before. It’s these shared experiences that continually strengthen our bond."This version ensures that each statement is correctly attributed, reflecting their individual experiences and emotions accurately.