NYC 2023

Muses Through the Lens

May 21st, 2023

Words by Liz wynne

The best street style captured by the DoMa team

The biggest runways of the world couldn’t hold a candle to the streets of New York. Flooded with natives and transplants, the city is a mosh pit of fashion’s best. We stepped out of the office to capture a few of these characters. The New York city “it” girls claimed the Adidas Samba for the spring, and it looks like the summer too.

Throw on a pair of headphones and you’ll speak the language of every fashion school girlie. In addition to these trendsetters, the classics were far and wide. Trench coats and Doc Martens continue to prevail the trends of time, whether Upper East Side chic or East Village casual. And it wouldn’t be New York if there wasn’t a colorful array of personal style as well. From the trendy, to the timeless, to the individual… here’s how New York is doing it. 

A must-have staple for a chilly day, a trench coat brings elevation to any look.

Bella Hadid stans know the Adidas Samba took spring by storm, and it looks like the shoe will rule the summer too. Luckily there’s still enough room for the dad sneaker– we would hate to see them go.

For some Midwesterners, cowboy boots never go out of style. But, we’re glad to see others joining in on the fun too.

This guy figured out how to make the wild west utterly city-chic.

The statement piece of the season. The functional headgear not only adds a modern flare, but a touch of mystery. Bopping to Ice Spice or Bob Marley– who would know.

Layering mesh over a tattoo bodysuit? She’s a creative. And the moment. 

A lesson to be learned– never throw out your Docs. Combat boots are here to stay.