Stories of Silks, Satins and more

Always seeking something novel, Patricia Voto's specialty is crafting special silhouettes. We met with the Founder of New York based label, One/Of, to learn more about her background and how the brand was born.

Patricia perches herself in a chair, sweeps back a tress of hair, and beams. It's obvious that she has found her passion.

"I began in the industry around 2009; my first position was with Altuzzara. I was one of his first employees, started on his couch, and we grew the brand together for the first six years. From there, I went to work with Brock Collection, Rosie Assoulin, and Gabriela Hearst."

Patricia Voto

Patricia reflects upon her dutiful days with the then-emerging designers, expressing that while her work was strenuous and time-consuming, it was worth every second to be exposed to their brand-building techniques and strategies. Ultimately, she accredits those aforementioned careers for propelling her label's foundation and establishment.

In particular, she nods to her time with Gabriela Hearst, who taught her that high-quality luxury does not have to compromise sustainable practices. Patricia's vision was something the designer championed and urged her to pursue.

At the center of her design philosophy is an innate appreciation for rare, archival fabrics with rich histories. Each silhouette is distinctively inspired by a specific textile: "It all starts from the raw materials, and then we build upon that. Every time we find a new fabric, it's an emotional process. We fall in love, and then we figure out what makes the most sense for it. We won't cut anything unless we feel it's the right time for the fabric to be made into something."

Thus, intuition is a driving force in the design process. She chuckles, telling us that sometimes, she doesn't even dismiss the scraps that she'd find discarded in studios during clean-outs. Beauty exists everywhere; her sources for inspiration are endless.

When asked what the word, "Muse," means to her, Patricia placed an emphasis on the matter of being "beyond aesthetics." True to her own brand, One/Of boasts beautiful, timeless silhouettes, but the heart is in the fabrics' vibrant backstories.

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Muses for One/Of


Leandra Medine Cohen

I love jacquard and brocade in large scale floral prints with shades of black, navy, brown and gold. Completely juxtaposing that, I'm also drawn to abstract, watercolor prints in pastel shades of green, purple, and yellow. 

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Chloe King

Patricia has an incredible eye for color and textile, while also wielding her technical expertise. Just because a fabric is beautiful, doesn’t make it easy to wear, or durable for years to come! I love something that seems a little “off” - a floral that feels pulled from a retro couch, a jacquard so brilliant it’s almost garish.

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