Doma Musings

Rom-Com Revival

August 28, 2022
By Sydney Sullivan

A Rom-Com Revival is upon us and everyone’s favorite leading ladies are taking center stage! With Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz set to make their much-awaited return to the Rom-Com genre, our very own DoMa team member, Sydney, decided to take a look back at some of our favorite feel good flicks to recreate the outfits that made these meet-cutes so memorable.

Thirty, Flirty, & Floral

Jenna Rink from 13 Going On 30

I chose this look of Jenna’s because it really encapsulates her style shift after reconnecting with love interest, Matty. While earlier in the movie we see her experimenting with bold brasiers and sleek, sexy slips, Jenna opts for soft pastels and florals after meeting an adult Matty, instead letting her smile act as her best accessory. 

Roberto Cavalli

Multi Floral Corset Top


Vintage Cream Pleated Skirt


Peep-Toe Heels


Floral Top Handle Embroidered Bag

In Love with Layering

Andie Walsh from Pretty in Pink

Be Brat Pack Approved in this floral frock donned by Andie as she sulks around the school halls searching for love. This look is one of my favorites because although it's quite simple compared to her other ensembles, it showcases Andie’s affinity towards all things oversized and floral in a way that screams 80’s fashion.

Hill House

Caroline Nap Dress in Pastel Trellis

Bottega Veneta

'Speedster' Leather Sneakers

Anne Fontaine

Cropped Fitted Button Down


Arles Promenade des Alyscamps Quilted Tote

Polka Dots for Polo

Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman

To me, Vivian Ward is one of the most iconic characters in fashion movie history with all of her looks throughout the movie somehow perfectly predicting the trends that dominate fashion today. Whether she’s rocking bold Bermuda Shorts or a frilly, polka dot frock, Vivian can truly do no wrong in my eyes. 

Marc Jacobs

Scalloped Organza Dress | Resort '11


Saffiano White Kitten Slingbacks


Straw Woven Hat