The Carolina Collection

September 12, 2022
By Brian Solis, Doma Head of Fashion

Six years of my fashion career was learning through the lens of Mrs. Carolina Herrera. I worked in the wholesale department with international and domestic specialty stores, later becoming Director of Visual Merchandising for the company. I accredit most of my learnings in fashion to Mrs Herrera…and yes, we always addressed her as Mrs. Herrera, never Carolina. She taught me graceful elegance and quiet luxury. Her signature starched pressed white blouses that she wore almost every day never had a wrinkle. The sound of her Manolo high heels clacked the mahogany wood floors as she entered the room and said “Hello” and “Good morning” to each and every employee, including the talented atelier on the floor below. She taught me kindness, that everyone should own a full length mirror at home (I mean how else are you going to see your look from H to T) and how to entertain guests at the House of Herrera. 

Here are some quick tips: Never serve colored liquids, and when in doubt, keep your liquids clear. You don’t want red wine or cranberry stains all over your furniture or your favorite white blouse. Keep the food to a single bite because there’s nothing worse than chatting with a mouth full of food. Absolutely no onions– in combination with white wine, horrendous breath is inevitable.

I had the honor and pleasure to attend many events with Mrs. Herrera. One time in Washington DC during a Neiman Marcus event, she found out it was my birthday and asked “What are you doing at this event? You should be celebrating your birthday.”

 I replied, puzzled, “Ummm, I work for you, and this is a work event.”

We both laughed and she called the cater waiter with the champagne over and declared a toast to my birthday. As I reached, she kindly asked the waiter for fresh glasses just for the birthday boy.

My other favorite story of Mrs. Herrera was during one of her routine greetings to the team. She stopped at my desk and said, “You know, Brian, I have a new name for you.”

Again, I was puzzled and anticipating what she would say next. “Oh, Mrs Herrera? What name is that?” 

She then replied, “Boris! Brian + Solis = Boris!”

I accepted the new title, and we both started laughing. Later on that day, I heard her calling “Boris!” from the showroom. The rest is history, and Boris I remained. Everything that I have learned from Mrs. Herrera has carried me throughout my fashion career and fostered my becoming Head of Fashion at Dora Maar.

White Blouses

The Herrera Uniform

A white blouse was an essential in the closet of Mrs. Herrera. There's simply no wrong way to style this season-less staple, whether you opt for crisp and structured or a more flow-y and relaxed silhouette.

St. Roche

Vita Blouse in White

VP:M Atelier

Multi Tie Peplum Blouse

Isabel Marant

Lace Paneled Long Sleeve Blouse


White Sheer Cutout Sleeve Top

A-Line Skirts

Dress up with the Designer

When preparing for a party, Mrs. Herrera swore by a skirt silhouette, particularly an A-line style due to its polished, professional appeal. Paired to her variety of versatile white blouses, the look never failed.


Box Pleated Skirt in Brocade

Comme des Garçons

Pink and Black Floral Ruffle Skirt

Peter Pilotto

Silver Brocade Pleated Midi Skirt


Green Heart Pleated Skater Skirt


Style in your Steps

Mrs. Herrera always made an entrance with the click-clacking from a pair of chic, sophisticated pumps. When you're wearing a high heel, life feels like a runway.

Manolo Blahnik

Grey Tweed Pumps

Manolo Blahnik

Peep Toe Pump in Black/White

Manolo Blahnik

Calasi Pumps in Pewter

Manolo Blahnik

Croc Crossover Mules in Red


Dolled up in a Dress

Don't dismiss a one-and-done for dressing up. Mrs Herrera always found that the simplicity of a long-sleeved midi dress boasts sophistication, without all the fuss.

Carolina Herrera

Knot Detail Midi Cocktail Dress

Jonathan Cohen

Long Sleeve Shirt Dress

Esme Vie

Amalfi Shirt Dress in Snow White

Gabriela Hearst

Black Bow Embellished Long Sleeve Midi Dress


Gown Greatness

Luxury is lacking until you get your hands on a gown. The elegant silhouette makes the case for dressing to the nines and never giving up on glamour.


Juno One Shoulder Dress

Carolina Herrera

Pleated Ruffle Train Off the Shoulder Silk Gown

Esme Vie

Amelia Dress in Caviar Black

Esme Vie

Amal Plisse Gown in Snow White | SS '21