The Timeless Influence of Muses

By Ashley Amman

Style is a way for a person to express who they are, who they aspire to be, and who inspires them. At the heart of this narrative lie fashion muses—iconic figures who captivate, influence, and inspire others to follow in their path.

As they evolve with the shifting trends and eras, muses embody the essence of individuality and innovation, leaving a mark on fashion history. While Dora Maar stands as a testament to the muse concept and provides a vast portfolio of admired muses; fashion tastemakers can be found everywhere and anywhere.

Although muses can be examined throughout history, contemporary muses like Sofia Richie and timeless figures like Princess Diana continue to shape fashion with their own styles and personalities. This piece explores the impact of fashion muses throughout fashion history and beyond.

Marie Antoinette


Marie Antoinette could be considered one of the first ever muses during the Rococo era. In this period of opulence, the Queen spared no expense when it came to fashion. It was said that Marie Antoinette had her dressmaker, Rose Bertin, make over 300 dresses for her each year. She was seen and depicted in over-the-top looks overly embellished with feathers, bows, ribbons, and lace. 

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Mark Cross

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Dora Maar


Dora Maar herself was a photographer, painter and poet; and even more notably, the muse of Pablo Picasso. She became involved with Pablo Picasso in the late 1930’s and served as his inspiration for many years. She was the muse and model in many of his famous surrealist paintings that captured his colorful and cubist aesthetic. 

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Jackie Kennedy


Jackie Kennedy, better known as Jackie O was the muse of the 60’s. During her time as first lady, she brought a sense of youthfulness, refinement and culture into the administration. She popularized sophisticated American style that was replicated by many women at the time. Some of her most prominent styling elements included the pillbox hat, tweed suiting and oversized sunglasses.

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Christian dior

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Saint Moran

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Diana Ross

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 4.11.55 PM.png__PID:449aad76-a57b-47a8-bf45-44819fb4e94c

Diana Ross has been a fashion icon since the 1960' when she burst onto the scene as the lead singer for the Motown group, The Supremes. Her glamorous style–– think fur trim, sequins, and statement jewelry, set the tone for the girl group, and the disco era of the 1970s. Fashion is so much a part of the singer's career that she has admitted that she had originally wanted to be a fashion designer herself. Her influence is everlasting, as she recently starred in Saint Laurent's latest campaign under creative director Anthony Vaccarello and shot by David Sims

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Galvan London

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Joanna Buchanan

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Princess Diana


Princess Diana is yet another muse that has inspired women and girls for generations. As a member of the British royal family, Diana had lots of influence on the population; not only in England, but all around the world. Her fashion choices were followed closely by the media and included simple, relatable, versatile clothing that could be easily replicated by the masses. The accessibility of her styles made casual chic and sporty elegance popular.

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Victoria Beckham

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Sofia Richie


Currently, a widely idolized muse is Sofia Richie. After her highly anticipated wedding this past Spring, her style choices have crowned her as the queen of quiet luxury. The style is minimalist and refined, yet classic and effortlessly sophisticated. Sofia Richie is often seen wearing trench coats, tailored trousers, delicate jewelry and classic designer handbags. Quiet Luxury is the new fad thanks to Sofia Richie.

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Gabriela Hearst

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Jia Jia



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While leading fashion icons and styles evolve over time, the perpetual cycle of trends persists. The beauty and inspiration of a muse lies in its subjectivity. Someone who serves as a source of fashion inspiration for one could be vastly different from another’s muse. This muse concept is a continuum of creativity, inspiration and adaptation. As we consider the question of who our next muse will be, we are reminded of the icons who have come before and the impact they have left.