Elizabeth Cardinal Tamkin

Elizabeth Tamkin's undeniably creative eye transcends her closet of color. With an extensive background in styling, marketing strategy and content managing, her perspective towards dressing is always eager to escape the comfort zones of traditional trends.
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What does the word "Muse" mean to you?

I think a Muse is someone you look to for inspiration! My Muse will forever be my grandmother because of how she thoughtfully put her outfits together and treasured her belongings. I inherited some of them and they're pristine.

As a figure in the editorial fashion industry, where do you see the future of fashion heading?

I see so many people wanting to shop for items that are pre-loved. The idea that an item potentially has an endless lifetime -- with one person and then another and so on -- is so lovely. For those who care and treasure fashion, fast fashion is over and the value of quality -- materials and design -- exceeds quantity.

At Dora Maar, we believe that what we wear tells a story. What story are you telling with your style?

My style has been pretty consistent since I was a little girl. I always think of an outfit as a meal. If you're really good at cooking pasta and love it, don't stop doing it! Once you're comfortable cooking, you can pretty much wing it and make a masterpiece! And "outfit repeating" is extremely cool to see.

What is your approach to getting a client out of their comfort zone when you’re styling them?

THIS IS FUN. It's all about finding your sweet-spot silhouette. My styling sessions sometimes are really deep heart-to-hearts where we reflect on our insecurities and compliment each other and our styles! I think body confidence is hugely important. Finding a go-to silhouette is life-changing because suddenly you stop trying to force pieces you love but aren't confident in! Fashion is 1/2 individual, 1/2 garment.

What’s a trend you are looking forward to trying this season?

I really don't like the word "trend." I don't think they're all-inclusive or make everyone feel great! That being said, I am currently very into A-Line mini skirts or XL gym-style shorts with bra tops and GIANT oversized boxy button-downs or blazers and then lady heels (think: d'orsay heels, kitten mules or slingbacks).