Lauren McGrady

Lauren McGrady is the ambitious Founder of Rider for Life, a former retail concept turned interior design studio, featured in publications like Elle Décor and Elle Décor Spain. With an appreciation for the intersection of art and home décor, she embraces color, print and pattern whenever she gets the chance.
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What does the word "Muse" mean to you?

Rosanna Orlandi means to me what Dora Maar means to you when considering a Muse. Like me, she left the fashion world to pursue a career in art and design, weaving her experience in fabric consulting into her Milanese wonderland of curated art and design from around the world. She's a constant reminder that it's never too late to pursue your dreams and that truly living exists in our ability to evolve beyond our current experience. And despite leaving the industry, she still knows how to find a dang good party frock. Thus, she is my muse.

How does your career influence and inspire your approach to dress?

The last thing we want to do is rinse and repeat a design from client to client. Every day, I wake up prepared to greet the world with a fresh look that reflects how I am feeling or how I want to feel if I need to trick myself out of a funk. My colleague and I always joke that she's "business" and I'm "party" when it comes to our wardrobes. So, I like the interiors to party and similarly, I want to feel like I'm headed to a party every day, even if I'm not invited.

If you could be front row at any runway show, who would it be and why?

Bottega Veneta without a doubt. The SS23 show with Gaetano Pesce was a cherry swirl cone with sprinkles on top. The colorful, organically flowing decor was perfect for the graphic and (sometimes) muted clothing palette. But of course, I preferred the looks with a punch of color.

What are three closet staples for a never fail silhouette?

Layers baby! I love to travel, and I only do it with a carry-on. The best way to incorporate a lot of looks into 1 TSA-approved suitcase is to pack layering pieces. My favorites are bustiers, blazers and denim. Are sunglasses considered gateway accessories for adorning yourself before heading out the door? The perfect pair completes any look.