Meg Lonergan

Based in Houston, Texas, interior designer, Meg Lonergan is an expert at revealing unique stories through her designs. The well-traveled creative, known for her ability to mix old with new, showcases her inventive instincts in a closet abundant with vintage jewelry and trending contemporary brands, like Ulla Johnson, Isabel Marant and more.

What does the word "Muse" mean to you?

A Muse is unapologetically individual. They express their own unique, creative, artistic, point of view without holding back, in full confidence, proudly sharing with the world their eye, their interest, what resonates with themselves.

How would you describe your closet to those Musing over it?

My closet is a mix of patterns, fabrics, colors and textures - as an interior designer, I'm obsessed with fabric. I love interesting artful prints and fusing dressmaker details into my interiors. Tassels and trims and anything embellished with a ruffle or pleat have my name on it. 

Why does fashion matter to you?

It gives me an opportunity to have fun and not be too serious. I always remember what I wear to certain important events either for work, celebrations, galas, friends' birthday parties, or family events.

You’ve spent a lot of time abroad. Having been immersed in global style, share something you’ve learned about fashion from your travels.

In Costa Rica, I mix and match my bikinis and sarongs, layering earth-tone batik and block print patterns, even in my simple beach wear. In London and Paris, I wear a lot of leather, boots, hats and scarves. I've learned that gearing your fashion towards the place you're visiting makes for a more fun experience by fully immersing yourself in the culture from head to toe!

What current trends are on your fall fashion wish list?

Metallic silver Prada kitten heels, leather midi skirts and culottes and anything to help me dress a little more minimally or monochromatic, all in one color, but layered separates, especially creams, browns, and olives.

If you were to describe your go-to daily uniform, what 3 pieces would it include?

A high-waisted wide-leg pant, guaranteed. That silhouette was just made for my body, and I always feel confident in that style - it's mixed so easily with chunky knits, tight body suits, crop tops - the possibilities are endless.

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