Peony Lee

Originally from London and now a NYC-based doctor, Peony Lee finds joy in exploring the world, and she does so with exquisite style. Her blog, “Adventures of Peony,” brings a touch of romantic fantasy to everyday life with top-tier travel advice, fashion tips and more. Globally inspired, Peony tends to favor juxtaposed silhouettes, pairing structure to prints and informing her endlessly versatile closet of Zimmerman, J. W. Anderson and more.

How does global travel influence and inspire your approach to dress?

I focus on function without losing personality. When I travel, I look at their fashion first to get ideas on how I could dress and see what to buy while there. Over the years, I've collected everything from Japanese Kimonos and vintage designer denim to Thai Fisherman pants. Not to mention the Breton-style shirts and other staples from Paris. 

What are three closet staples for a never-fail silhouette?

A well tailored coat or blazer is my go-to. Your coat is the first thing that you see so it's essential for the wow factor. I love a good A-line dress, and being on the petite side at 5'3", I won't turn down a good pair of heels! 

What trend or specific piece is on your fall fashion wishlist?

've been on the lookout for a sheer top that nods at the trend but is still elegant and romantic.