Mack Fitzgerald's



Gift Guide

From head-turning holiday looks to avant-garde adornments, Mack's curated gift guide is sure to spread cheer.

What unexpected items in your guide would you pair for a polished party look?

I'd pair these 3 pieces together. I like the metallic thread of the blazer that feels very holiday without being too on-the-nose, and balancing it with a very subdued and basic trouser feels right. And the heels (literally) elevate the look without going too formal.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh


Maison Margiela

What Muses are inspiring your style for this season?

Can I say all of them? :) But seriously, I am currently and always have been extremely inspired by Diamond Mahone's style. We've been IG friends for years, and I'm always so inspired by her bold and colorful style, plus the way she effortlessly mixes in vintage. 

I also love Sarah Clary's style-- the way she balances proportions and adds in volume without letting the clothes wear her. Lastly, I love Lucia Litman's style - it's so fun and quirky without feeling try-hard.

Diamond Mahone's Closet  |  Sarah Clary's Closet  |  Lucia Litman's Closet

What is your favorite part about dressing up around the holidays? 

I'm a firm believer that you should dress up every day, but what I love most about dressing up around the holidays is that everyone else is also dressing up then, too. It's the one time every year where we're giving our biggest, boldest, fanciest, shimmeriest, glitteriest looks, and it's so normal.  

What sorts of styles would you pair with this one-of-a-kind shoe?

Martin Margiela Era Tulip Patchwork Tabi Boots

Well, definitely the holiday look from that first question. I also love that they have a pattern of their own without being too flashy.

I think they'd look great with this YSL dress.

Vintage 1976 YSL

I'd wear them casually with a full light wash denim look. I like the idea of baggy pants, tucked into the ankle and a light wash denim jacket

I always love mixing prints and different embellishment styles, so I think they'd look great with an embroidered dress like this one.

Yuliya Magdych

And lastly, I'm big into all white looks in winter, so I'd pair them with a flowy white dress like this one.

Lauren Manoogian