Gift Guide

How to Holiday with our Muses

Rachel Solomon's contagious eccentricity is enveloped in her intentional guide to gifting. Full of bright and bold treasures, her affection for avant expression is paralleled in these poised picks.

What winter vacation do you wish you could dress for this year?

Winter is perfect in Miami so I’m hoping to stay right here, but I’d like to invest in pieces for exploring my new city that'll also carry me through to September, when I’ll spend a month in Polanco. An all-seasons, hands-free bag like this one is high on my list. And surprisingly Miami-and wear plenty of black!

What's a great no-brainer gift that still feels special and personalized?

There's a Stella McCartney scarf in my guide from a special collection where she used monograms of the people she loves most as a motif. Perfect for a traveler; makes a cozy flight companion.

What's your trick for gifting stylishly, while still being practical and functional?

A pouch — for business cards, meds on the go, hot sauce packets - is such a luxe treat. You simply can't go wrong!

What's something from your guide you think will be perfect in the hands of someone on your wishlist?

I'd like to give a few of my friends these, along with a couple of plane tickets...