The Joy of Discovery.

Discovery is at the center of everything we do at Dora Maar. From learning a distinct vantage point from a Muse to finding fresh inspiration from new closets and designers, we're dedicated to creating a platform where you can explore, dream and muse over your style journey.

The Art of Curation.

By tapping into our expansive Muse network—those who are true tastemakers in the world of fashion—we are offering you an opportunity to curate a uniquely valuable closet with one-of-a-kind looks. At Dora Maar, our Muses come from every shape, size, voice and platform—so you can find new Muses to obsess over and closets to shop.

Valuing Provenance.

We're committed to bringing you the best of pre-owned luxury fashion. This is why we guarantee that all items we sell, send and receive on Dora Maar are 100% authentic and genuine. By working with the industry's top fashion experts, we're crafting a unique record of trusted ownership that cannot be replicated.

Redefining Luxury.

Luxury fashion has a bad rap for closed door entry. Only the top insiders had access to the hottest fashion, only to be refreshed every season. We’re opening the doors to everyone and offering an inclusive experience that puts the consumer at the center—while showing that luxury and sustainability can go hand-in-hand.