Dora Maar Investor Video

Welcome to the world of Dora Maar! We put together a series of videos for you to learn about us through conversations with our Muses, customers, investors and team members. I am so proud of the community we have built and I am excited to share a bit more about what makes Dora Maar a pioneering business. On behalf of myself and the DoMa team, we look forward to having you a part of our next stage of growth.

- Lauren, CEO & Founder

The Beginnings

Learn about how Dora Maar started from the ground up. From Lauren’s ‘aha’ moment to how the founding team refined the vision for the business during the pandemic.

The Muse Concept

Lauren shares the mission behind Dora Maar, our Muses. Hear directly from our Muses about why they joined Dora Maar and how the Muse concept has differentiated itself within the industry.

The Muse Marketplace

Hear from our luxury brand partners on why Dora Maar, and our Muses, are important to their own business’ and how our marketplace technology, Henri, has shaped a new shopping experience.

The Customer Experience

Our customers represent our diverse community. Through their experiences shopping with our Muses, they share why Dora Maar is a highly personal way to shop.

The Future

Learn where Dora Maar’s plans for expansion, and why people within Lauren and Dora Maar’s community have backed her and the team.

To watch the full video, click the link here.