What designers dominate holiday dressing in your eyes?

Brian: If you want to go all out, then I suggest something from Alessandro Michele-era Gucci, mixed with Dries Van Noten and One/Of-- prints from head-to-toe!

What do you foresee as the top holiday trend for the season?

Lauren: I'm having a major love affair with our vintage jewelry curation. Sourced from some of the best vintage dealers in NYC, the pieces are gorgeously crafted and instantly make your look feel old-world and glamorous.

Lauren & Brian's



Gift Guide

How to Holiday with our Muses

Our CEO and Founder, Lauren Wilson, and Head of Fashion, Brian Solis, provide their one-stop-shop for all things DoMa gifting in a curation made for Musing every last person on your list.

What is your must-gift piece that everyone will want to receive? 

Brian: Something from DoMa, of course! Everything from DoMa Dwell decor to glow-giving beauty products, we will have you looking and feeling ready to face the new year.  

What’s the key to being “hostess with the mostest” this holiday season?

Brian: Make sure everyone has a full glass, clean up as you circulate the room, mingle with every guest and introduce those who may not know each other. Surprisingly, last year's holiday party, I didn't drink, and I think that helped me make sure I checked all those boxes...

If you could be gifted any Muse closet, whose would it be?

Lauren: Right now, I am loving Emily Shippe's closet and her great mix of vintage and designer... I recently purchased her Coach suede jacket, and I'm in love. My all-time favorite is Lauren Levison; nobody curates a collection quite like hers. The best part is that both Muses' proceeds go to organization's near to their hearts... Lauren's to Closely Crafted and Emily's to Fondy Cares.  

While traveling for the holidays, how do you maintain striking style while packing practically?

Lauren: If you want the real, honest truth... my packing is rarely practical! I am the worst type: an over-packer! With that said, it always helps me to do some mini-styling beforehand and plan my looks in advance, which helps me to edit down accessories and shoes.