Chloe King

A Bergdorf Goodman fashion office veteran, Chloe King has a knack for discovering stylish silhouettes, packed with spirit. Often leaning toward a maximalist approach to dress, she feels uplifted when wearing garments that garner inspiration and innovation, seeking to make the most out of her day-to-day uniforms.
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What does the word "Muse" mean to you?

I think a Muse is someone who spurs you to think, create or act in a different way. A Muse is a source of energy and can challenge you or crystallize your creative point of view.

What is your strategy for pursuing a novel wardrobe that still feels versatile and wearable, year after year?

Rather than focusing too much on trends, I try to distill why something “new” might feel fresh and exciting. Perhaps it has to do more with attitude, fit, or an approach to getting dressed - so I can pursue that idea while leveraging pieces already in my closet.

Rare, special fabrics are the heart of One/Of’s approach to design. What kinds of textiles or prints are you most drawn to?

Patricia has an incredible eye for color and textile, while also wielding her technical expertise. Just because a fabric is beautiful, doesn’t make it easy to wear, or durable for years to come! I love something that seems a little “off” - a floral that feels pulled from a retro couch, a jacquard so brilliant it’s almost garish.

How do you curate your own personal style to be truly one-of-a-kind?

Pay attention to what makes you feels good, and have an open mind - some of the most prized pieces in my closet are from a silly thrift shop, or scooped (forgotten! Overlooked!) in a super sale.