Leandra Medine Cohen

Leandra Medine Cohen's influence as a force in the world of fashion is undoubtable. Her style philosophy has historically embraced the unconventional and urges the modern woman to deter from trends and find what truly makes them comfortable and confidently themselves.
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What does the word "Muse" mean to you?

A Muse is the vessel that provokes pure creative talent in another, encourages them to feel safe enough to emerge for the public.

What is your strategy for pursuing a novel wardrobe that still feels versatile and wearable, year after year?

It changes depending on the weather, but I've noticed that my least emotionally-consuming purchases have also been the most long-standing. So I trust my instinct, and if I'm pondering a piece too long, I probably don't need it.

If you could describe your daily dress in three words, what would they be?

Responsible, free and indulgent

Rare, special fabrics are the heart of One/Of’s approach to design. What kinds of textiles or prints are you most drawn to?

I love jacquard and brocade in large scale floral prints with shades of black, navy, brown and gold. Completely juxtaposing that, I'm also drawn to abstract, watercolor prints in pastel shades of green, purple, and yellow.

How do you curate your own personal style to be truly one-of-a-kind?

I get dressed from the gut, which almost always manipulates multiple aesthetics to be cohesive together. My style's a mix of different archetypes — preppy and grunge, put-together and undone, prim and laid-back.