Eleanor Leftwich

Based in Minnesota, Eleanor is a collector of vintage and luxury, developing her own personal style which she coins as her "uniform."
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What does the word Muse mean to you?

A muse is a person who inspires others to be themselves. They're confident and independent, while kind and compassionate to others.

What three words would you use to describe your closet “collection”?

Classic, special, timeless.

What do you look for in an item of clothing, accessory, or potential addition to your closet?

I look for items that either fit my daily uniform or are so special that I just have to have them.

How did your love of fashion begin? What is your fashion “origin story”?

My first big fashion moment was when I saved up enough babysitting money to buy my first piece - a navy blue velvet pantsuit from the Gap. I eventually upgraded to a Tom Ford for Gucci navy velvet pantsuit to pay homage to the look!

Most underrated fashion trend?

I've always bought and worn what I love despite what's cool or being buzzed about. That's the most underrated fashion trend - listening to your intuition and being confident in your choices.

What would your dream closet be filled with?

Rare vintage couture gowns, classic Chanel blazers and estate jewels. Basically what I look to collect currently!