Kat Jamieson

Kat Jamieson is an author and tastemaker. She’s been sharing her passion for entertaining, fashion, décor, and travel on her lifestyle blog, With Love From Kat, since 2011. Inspired by effortless elegance, Kat combines her classic sense of style with a modern perspective.

Tell us a little more about your culinary upbringing and how it inspired your book.

My dad is Japanese and grew up on a produce farm, and my mom is an Irish, east coast prep! While from two very different backgrounds, my parents share a deep appreciation for food and quality ingredients. I was so lucky to enjoy their delicious, homemade meals throughout my childhood. My book features a lot of our family favorite recipes, as well as flavorful gluten, dairy and sugar free options that helped heal my digestion when I was struggling with my health in my 20s.

What was your writing process like? How did you organize that workload alongside your blog?

I started writing this book 5 years ago when I moved from NYC to a beach bungalow in Venice, CA. I was really inspired by my surroundings - from the laid-back surfer lifestyle to the incredible chefs, healers, yogis, nutritionists and naturopaths I met along the way. I hired a chef from one of my favorite restaurants in Venice (Great White), and we collaborated to create over 125+ vibrant, healthy recipes. It was so fulfilling to bring my passion for food, wellness, entertaining and interiors together.  

What’s the one must-try recipe in your new book? (You can have a runner-up, too)

My coconut cacao smoothie is a must! I make it every single day and notice a huge improvement in my mood and energy levels. It's so easy and tastes like a chocolate milkshake. I also love my gluten and dairy free butternut squash recipe - it's become a total comfort food and tastes so rich + creamy!

What does a balanced and energizing diet mean to you?

I like to think of what I eat as a lifestyle rather than a "diet." After years of struggling with my digestion and health, I feel so lucky to have found out what works best for me and my body. I love to eat colorful, fresh, seasonal food that nourishes my body and mind.  

What inspired the title “Blended”?

My mom came up with the name and I think it's perfect! It's truly a blend of all of my passions from food to wellness, entertaining and interiors. It's also blended because of my mixed race background and a nod towards cooking/blending ingredients together.

Sweet or savory?

I have a major sweet tooth!