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Leah Melby Clinton and Hannah Weil McKinley, co-founders of @inkindmag, have years of experience as established fashion entities. The world of motherhood, however, had them craving something more community-oriented. The result was In Kind magazine: a medium for modern stories related to lifestyle, motherhood, and fashion. Explore their closet for an outlet to taste and intimate ideals with designs from Cult Gaia, Ganni, and more.

What does the word "Muse" mean to you?

Leah Melby Clinton: A muse is the living embodiment of inspiration—someone with a special, hard-to-describe element that resonates with you. 

Hannah Weil McKinley: Someone doing something that speaks to your soul—their work, their art—some part of what they do speaks to the creative parts in you. 

Your lifestyle magazine highlights kindness as a guide to living life fruitfully and adventurously. How do you both feel your style has influenced your day-to-day and made it more honest and curious?

LMC: I might be the only mother at school drop-off in a dress or wearing puffy sleeves, but it's what I want to wear, what I own, and what makes me feel the most like me—I wouldn't be living authentically if I didn't let that sensibility come out.

HWM: Style has always been a natural extension of who I am, a form of self expression. Throughout the pandemic, it largely became about sweatpants and utility; however, now there's more self-discovery in getting dressed.

How do you both translate your personalities into your distinct styles?

LMC: I've been known to describe my style as "country aristocrat:" pieces and silhouettes that sit on the more formal or dressed-up side of the spectrum, but worn with shoes you don't mind getting muddy.

HWM: My style is never too much of one thing—it's a balancing act, a little girl-meets-boy. I feel most myself when there's an element of femininity tempered with something more utilitarian or minimalist, never too girly or sweet. 

Name an emerging designer that both of you think the world should know about.

HWM: Dalphine. They craft beautiful pieces that put a vintage bend on jewelry that still feels very contemporary—think textured metals, chunky rings, and chain necklaces meant for layering and stacking. 

Motherhood is a common theme in your publications. As mothers yourselves, how has that role influenced your perspective on life and what fashion means to you?

LMC: My role as a mother has only made me more sure that success hinges on not letting ourselves be subsumed in the amazingly difficult job that is motherhood. It'd be a disservice to my children and partner if I neglected the things I love that are mine alone. 

HWM: Although there's a temptation to let style fall by the wayside when life gets busy with kids, I've found that when I do take the time to dress up, it feels good; if that's the case, then certainly it's worth exploring and investing in.

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