Roxanne Adamiyatt

As the Senior Editor for Town & Country Magazine, Roxanne Adamiyatt masterfully captures the world of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. Her ability to tastefully incorporate pops of color and print reflects her ability to flow with trends by offering a unique flair to every look.
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What does the word "Muse" mean to you?

A muse doesn’t simply inspire creativity; they spark the confidence to execute an idea, taking inspiration into the tangible to invigorate progress.

You’ve been writing for fashion and lifestyle publications for quite some time. What is one thing you’ve learned that’s stuck with you over the years?

Quality is everything. There is no point in throwing tons of money away on many smaller trendy purchases. A piece that is made to last feels different on the body and influences how the wearers express themselves.

Do you have a never-fail outfit recipe?

I’m of the mentality that there are no rules in fashion, but when in a pinch, keep things simple. A good pair of jeans, a crisp white tee or tank with a blazer is the perfect canvas for any look. Just add a flat shoe, a bag that’s a conversation starter, and a timeless pair of shades.