Marina Ingvarsson

As a mother and avid-traveler, as well as a New York-based stylist, Marina Ingvarsson strives for a versatile wardrobe that celebrates the chic alongside comfort. Having styled for Vogue, Tommy Hilfiger, and Wonderland, she brings a well-versed voice to the world of DoMa.
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What does the word "Muse" mean to you?

I think of a Muse as someone who has the secret invisible "key" to unlock their creative potential.

What’s your favorite silhouette right now? Are there any trends that are Musing you right now?

Being able to play with the simplicity and purity of the white tank top was so much fun this summer. For the Fall, I'm really excited about the equestrian theme, plus the heavy duty leather jackets that are making a comeback.

How would you describe your daily uniform? List three products that you’ll keep in your closet forever.

I try to maintain the balance of sophisticated and practical, sometimes keeping it on the simpler side, with a stronger emphasis on designer accessories. I love a really cool shade, small statement handbags and in the colder months - either a heavy motorcycle jacket or a fancy cashmere coat in beige or camel.