Riley Kinnane-Petersen

With an innate desire to create, Riley Kinnane-Petersen, alongside her father, started a jewelry line that encompasses her oh-so-enthusiastic imagination: @gunnerandlux. She dresses with that same inventive spirit, drawn to energetic shades and spunky silhouettes from emerging and established brands alike. Discover an array of lively looks.

What does the word "Muse" mean to you?

For me, a Muse is someone who knows who they are, knows their style, and isn’t afraid of what others think.

What inspires you most to create and explore all the different avenues of your creative side?

I love being outside and seeing all the amazing colors, watching movies, reading and keeping up with the latest in fashion. 

As a jewelry maker, how do you style your accessories for every-day vs. special occasion dress?

I try to pick something from my Gunner & Lux jewelry that is fun and bold. I love neon colors and think a pop of color goes with any occasion!

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