Mary Glenn McElveen

Based in Birmingham, Mary Glenn McElveen received a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing from the University of Alabama. Now, she channels her knowledge into curating closets and personally styling closets so they can feel and dress their very best.
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What does the word Muse mean to you?

A muse for me is anything that inspires and sparks my creative interests. It can be anything from a chic closet image, an outfit I see on Instagram to a random color palette that catches my eye.

What are three words to describe your personal style, both in your approach to interior design and dressing?

Curated, thoughtful and a dash of unexpected edge!

How does your Southern upbringing inform your personal style and aesthetic?

I love to pull pieces from the past and mix with newer items to make an outfit. I don't shy away from bold prints which I think is something we see more often in the south.

What’s a designer or collection that’s been Musing you lately?

This is so tough to answer because there are hundreds of talented designers that are always impressing me. Some of my favorites right now are Zimmermann, Aje, Brandon Maxwell, Valentino, and I'm loving all of the latest bridal collections.

What is a go-to trend that you’re always turning to season after season?

I am all about adding a third piece to your outfit. I think having special accessories that polish off your look can really make a difference. I typically grab a belt or a silk-printed neck scarf.