Sarah Clary

Raised in northern California, Sarah Clary set out to New York with big fashion dreams. Her experiences have inspired a carefree approach to style: one that is always open to new cuts, prints and shapes, evident in her closet.
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What does the word Muse mean to you?

A muse is someone who inspires, and I'm drawn to all different types of muses for different reasons and times in my life. Besides style icons, I also appreciate those that live out loud, are unapologetically themselves, and expresses themselves on their own terms.

What’s the easiest way to dress up a simple look and instantly elevate it?

Tonal dressing is always a no brainer. The key is to always find colors that vary in shades and textures so it isn't head-to-toe one-note. Belts, ribbons, scarves and accessories are a go-to when I need to elevate something I have worn a hundred times. Cinch the belt over a blazer, tie a scarf over a turtleneck, use a ribbon at the waist of a dress.

As a stylist, how do you feel like fashion and the ways we dress can tell a story?

We tell a story every day. I used to write down my looks every single day in middle and high school. Often, I repeated garments but never the same way. I challenged myself to tell a story differently with every garment I owned. I could be preppy, casual, over-the-top, glam, all with the same items, just styled differently.

What was your experience like working in kids' styling?

When I started in the kids market at Crewcuts a gazillion years ago, I wasn't really sure it was for me. But one thing I loved about it was how kids don't have connections to clothes in the same way adults do and aren't as confined by industry standards. My approach was to show their personality, so that the family member shopping could see the spirit of their own child in the line.

Where do you find inspiration when it comes to new trends and silhouettes?

I don't really follow trends, but sometimes I'm drawn to a color I see in art or in old photos and I exhaust all the places I can find it: new, vintage or consignment. I am rooted in the classics, but from there, I go in a million directions. I buy what I love, which is sometimes impractical, but also practical is overrated.