Paulina Padilla

This Muse calls all the style-related shots. Between buying, creative directing, and curating closets, she has developed an eye for a bit of everything. Filled with a vibrant assortment of textures, silhouettes, and styles, @paulinaapadilla's closet is a collection of stand-outs.
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What does the word "Muse" mean to you?

A Muse is a source of inspiration and creativity.

As a stylist, what is your #1 tip to your clients for finding their voice through their clothes?

Dress for yourself. You have to love what you are wearing and feel good in it. Everyone’s wardrobe is different and that’s what makes your style unique.

How would you describe your approach to daily dress?

My daily wardrobe consists of effortless, comfortable pieces. I love pieces I can wear over and over but style differently each time I wear it. Denim is a closet staple.