Sobia Shaikh

Sobia Shaikh is a jack of all trades: an entrepreneur, content creator and fashion enthusiast. A regular fixture at fashion weeks around the world and countless social events in the San Francisco area, Sobia's world travels influence her classic style, with looks from Gucci, Valentino, Dior and Balmain.

What is the most memorable fashion week you’ve attended and why?

My first Paris Fashion Week, about six years ago, was surreal. The opportunity presented itself, and I got my bags ready and landed in France. From Paris 2016 to now, I am continually mesmerized and blessed.

Is there a brand that consistently wows you year after year with their collections?

Dior, Valentino, and Saint Laurent.

What’s your favorite look you’ve worn to fashion week?

My Valentino Fall 2022 look from March is my favorite. It felt easy, effortless, and if I may say so myself, chic!

What is your favorite part about fashion week season?

The shows, of course. I witness all the upcoming trends, patterns, colors, and styles. Additionally, 30 minutes before the start of a show, I enjoy seeing how my favorite editors and buyers have styled themselves.

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