Rana Batyske

Our model Muse @rana is more than a model- she's a Creative Consultant and entrepreneur, and on top of all that, a mother to a little one! Based in Brooklyn, Rana expresses her artistic side with a closet of updated classics that offer a contemporary edge in unique details and color schemes.
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What does the word Muse mean to you?

There are words that have lost their meaning and become diluted over time, however, I find the word and position of a Muse to be highly impactful. To be able to ignite someone else’s creativity simply based on just your being is quite powerful.

You’re also an entrepreneur; how do you blend your creativity with business?

Creativity IS my business. I remember when Tom Ford made his exit at Gucci and went into film. He received backlash, but it makes perfect sense. Most creatives can explore other artistic disciplines, yet people want to limit them. My mission is to elevate clients, brands, and spaces – what truly sets me apart is my ability to intersect culture and aesthetics that inspires.

Is there a designer or a trend that’s been Musing you lately?

I stay musing Prada, Margiela, The Row, and Dries van Noten. I’m not big on trends or mass produced anything, which is why I'm drawn to more small or emerging brands. When it comes to luxury, I will definitely invest in exclusive pieces, which is why I love to consign with Dora Maar.

What’s in your Dora Maar shopping cart right now?

I want it all, lol!! I have my eyes on vintage vases, the coffee table books, the Saint Laurent Vintage Smoking Box, and Ted Muehling Serpentine Acorns Earrings.

How would you describe your personal style in 3 words?

Confident, Architectural, and Experimental.