Shirley Madhere-Weil

With over 28 years of medical experience, Dr. Shirley Madhere-Weil channels her boss attitude with a luxurious sense of style. The cosmetic surgeon is based in New York where her approach to everyday dress is inspired by the city and its ever-changing aesthetic.
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What does the word Muse mean to you?

To be inspirational and to be your true self with joy-- that's how I define "Muse."

How would you describe your beauty philosophy?

Beauty begins from within and is complemented on the outside by whatever works for the individual.

As a figure in the cosmetics industry, how do you see confidence in beauty impacting personal style?

If you are confident in how you put your best face forward, that beauty not only permeates your fashion style but also radiates to others.

What is one piece of advice you’ve received that’s informed your approach to beauty and fashion?

Be you.

Where do you find inspiration to update your dressing on a day-to-day basis?

I check in with my mood, my schedule, and the weather to help me dress daily. I sometimes also find inspiration in the various styles of different people walking around town too!

Name a designer you’ve been Musing over lately.

Sukeina and Hanifa.