Sally Baker

Founder of @le_bazar__coastal, Sally Baker designs captivating garments inspired by her time in coastal France. Likewise, the region’s chic essence cultivates her elegant and timeless wardrobe featuring Chanel, Hermès and more.
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What does the word "Muse" mean to you?

“Muse” is a window of brilliance that you create or witness and admire in another person. Pulling a look together and feeling great in it is a sure fire start. I love it when I see a someone being themselves and really going for it with fashion. Even if the look isn’t “me”, I still admire it & take inspiration from it.

Name someone whose style inspires you and should consign their closet on Dora Maar next.

It would be so fun to play dress up in Julia Berolzheimer's closet because her looks run the gamut of fashion. From quality jackets, denim and cute sweaters to formal dresses and killer accessories, a gal could really get dressed for any & every occasion. Another is Leandra Cohen. I love her whacky style! She has gorgeous pieces and isn't afraid to combine them in some seriously Muse-esque ways. I also believe fashion should be fun - and man, does she nail it.

How do you pursue and curate your own personal style amidst the fast-moving trend cycle?

I curate with the idea of “if I don't truly love it, leave it.” In the world of fast fashion, it's a challenge to resist the urge to just buy & buy. By taking the time to invest in fewer, beautiful things, I've collected some real gems that I feel so great wearing over and over again. I also love vintage dresses and blouses. They are typically so beautifully made & serve as a constant source of inspiration for my own line, Le Bazar Coastal.

What are some core pieces in your wardrobe you’re reaching for season after season?

Hands down my camel Max Mara wool coat. Another pick would be a mariner St. James striped tee or a LBC block-print blouse. Can't go wrong with a great pair of Levi’s & my Chanel ballet flats. I'm a sucker for natural fabrics and pieces with lifelong wear.