Shelby Ying Hyde

Based in Brooklyn, Shelby Ying Hyde is a contributing fashion editor and writer at Harper's Bazaar with previous experience at a range of e-commerce platforms like Net-a-porter and Moda Operandi to name a few.
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What does the word "Muse" mean to you?

I think of someone or a driving force that inspires me to find my own creativity. A lot of people conflate the term with “style icon,” but a Muse can be anyone at any given time. It can be the random woman dropping off her kids in an unintentionally stylistic ensemble, or the man in an oversized, baggy look with layering elements that I find aspirational.

What are three closet staples that have stayed in your closet for years?

I have acquired quite the trench coat collection over the years, and my vintage snake-print leather style has maintained its top spot in the lineup. Along the same vein, there are a handful of blazers in my closet that I’ll grab when I’m looking to instantly elevate my outfit.

What is the secret to styling a statement piece so you can wear it again with a refreshed outlook?

For me personally, this is where any trend that I decide to invest in for the season comes into play. I’ll swap out my usual outfit pairings with more relevant pieces to give the look a little extra something. This is especially important for those who are partial to vintage silhouettes.

As a fashion writer, how do you see the editorial world dictating trends and the constantly evolving nature of global style?

Writers in the fashion industry are often inundated with the “latest and greatest” from designers and left to decide what’s “next.” As the trend cycle continues to accelerate, I predict a shift in the way we consume them. Tyler McCall said it best: we’re currently in an era where “trends,” in and of themselves, are a trend. As fashion media continues to call out these observations, we’ll see people start to do one of two things: Find their own sense of style or try to keep up.

Give us an overview of what you consider to be your “daily uniform."

A few years ago, an old friend of mine described my personal style as “Occasion Barbie,” because I'm able to find a look fitting for any instance. On a daily basis, I'm looking to find the balance between function and fashion. Whether it’s Hyein Seo trousers made from technical fabrics or elevated basics from Wardrobe NYC’s capsule with Carhartt WIP, toting that line is always the goal.