Rachel Solomon

The chief creative officer of Honor Code Creative and former creative director of Italian DTC shoe brand M.Gemi, Rachel Solomon’s Miami lifestyle has her closet brimming with contemporary and eccentric looks that simply exude confidence.
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What does the word "Muse" mean to you?

Muse is what it’s all about: community of people whose style reflects their inner spirit and who are eager to share. They have something magnetic in their style but also showcase inherent goodness and warmth.

Name someone whose style inspires you and should consign their closet on Dora Maar next.

You already have some of my own Muses (@thecreativeclassicist and @phoebephilofan) but I’d love to see @trinnywoodall here. Her encyclopedic knowledge of fashion - which she boundlessly shares - is second to none. Plus the way she layers! Also @lisalimarinelli - completely original and real and supportive. Her juxtapositional style super-fires my brain cells. And then there’s Sevy @severe.erase who makes things, styles things, reinvents things, hacks things and rocks things like no one else can.

How do you pursue and curate your own personal style amidst the fast-moving trend cycle?

I don’t focus on trends. I know everyone says that! But my 50s are just different. I view style as a constant honing in on and refining of who I am, how I want to feel, and how I can express that. I describe my style as “Miami King" – chill, modern, nods to heritage and always some cray Miami over-the-top something! That’s how I feel like me, and it’s always on my mind when I shop.

What are some core pieces in your wardrobe you’re reaching for season after season?

1. My husband is a chef by trade and a prominent jeweler wanted him to cater their holiday party. He saw some amazing earrings he thought I’d wear for occasions but I wear them almost daily. They were a total surprise, and I love that he thought of me. 2. My B-sides Lasso jeans. Home or out. Always work. Always compliments. 3. Prada shoes with a tread. The style varies, but I always have at least one in rotation. My foot is wide in front, skinny in back, and I love to walk. They do the trick!