• Nikki Kule

    Nikki Kule

    Growing up in NYC in a fashion-forward family, Nikki Kule attended Parsons and further honed her aesthetic by living in cities like Paris and Rome. She saw an opportunity to...

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  • Maxine Goynes

    Maxine Goynes

    Founder of the MG Method, Maxine Goynes believes that design is a powerful force with the capacity to enrich our every day. Within her philosophy, she explores different lifestyle structures...

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  • Lamar McKinley

    Lamar McKinley

    Based in Dallas and self-proclaimed "fashion-obsessed", Lamar McKinley's approach to style is always in pursuit of something wow-worthy. Making a statement is an easy manifestation when you shop this ambitious...

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  • Renna Brown-Taher

    Renna Brown-Taher

    Coastal California raised, Renna Brown-Taher reveals the connections between style and nature with her own eco-conscious jewelry brand, RENNA. Now residing in New York as its Creative Director, her sea-side...

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  • Patricia Voto

    Patricia Voto

    After working at multiple luxury houses, Patricia Voto finally brought life to her dream of founding her own brand, One/Of, where she crafts contemporary cuts from archival fabrics, honoring rarity...

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  • Jamie Hunter

    Jamie Hunter

    Formerly the Fashion Director/Buyer at Bergdorf Goodman, Jamie shifted gears to brand consult for a number of designers, including Rosie Assoulin. With an eye for creative direction and merchandising, she...

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  • Caroline Rooney

    Caroline Rooney

    Mexico City based stylist and owner of Kingfisher, a luxury gift shop in Condesa, Caroline Rooney, has always proposed that fashion should never be intimidating. Starting in the industry as...

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  • Leandra Medine Cohen

    Leandra Medine Cohen

    Leandra Medine Cohen's influence as a force in the world of fashion is undoubtable. Her style philosophy has historically embraced the unconventional and urges the modern woman to deter from...

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  • Chloe King

    Chloe King

    A Bergdorf Goodman fashion office veteran, Chloe King has a knack for discovering stylish silhouettes, packed with spirit. Often leaning toward a maximalist approach to dress, she feels uplifted when...

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  • Janie Pierrepont

    Janie Pierrepont

    A fashion industry insider herself, Janie Pierrepont is always up to date on the latest high-fashion finds. Based in New York, her admiration for elevated pieces, especially matching sets, make...

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  • Natalia del Rivero

    Natalia del Rivero

    Founder of her own company, Del Rivero Design, Natalia del Rivero fuses her knowledge of communication and design into her global brands' creative services. Offering her clients creative solutions to...

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  • Rachel Solomon

    Rachel Solomon

    The chief creative officer of Honor Code Creative and former creative director of Italian DTC shoe brand M.Gemi, Rachel Solomon’s Miami lifestyle has her closet brimming with contemporary and eccentric...

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  • Carrie Berle Robertson

    Carrie Berle Robertson

    With a background in editorial work at Wardrobe Icons, Carrie Robertson is West-Coast based and brings that spirit to a lively closet of luxury.

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  • Sally Baker

    Sally Baker

    Founder of @le_bazar__coastal, Sally Baker designs captivating garments inspired by her time in coastal France. Likewise, the region’s chic essence cultivates her elegant and timeless wardrobe featuring Chanel, Hermès and...

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  • Converted Closet

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  • Rebecca Vanyo

    Rebecca Vanyo

    Welcome Rebecca Vanyo to Dora Maar, a stylish individual with an innate eye for the finer things in life. She expresses her passion for fashion, fitness and philanthropy in her...

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  • Kat Jamieson

    Kat Jamieson

    Kat Jamieson is an author and tastemaker. She’s been sharing her passion for entertaining, fashion, décor, and travel on her lifestyle blog, With Love From Kat, since 2011. Inspired by...

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  • Dione Davis

    Dione Davis

    Dione Davis hones in on a brand's identity by creating aspirational campaigns brimming with genuine artistic ability. Currently a creative consultant and stylist for AUDIENCE, Dione offers her expertise from...

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  • Lauren McGrady

    Lauren McGrady

    Lauren McGrady is the ambitious Founder of Rider for Life, a former retail concept turned interior design studio, featured in publications like Elle Décor and Elle Décor Spain. With an...

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  • Marisa Bryant

    Marisa Bryant

    Model, writer and avid vintage collector, Marisa Bryant's interests range even beyond the fashion world. Amidst expanding her own line, Lovers Quarrel, Marisa also serves her community with her emotional...

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  • Peony Lee

    Peony Lee

    Originally from London and now a NYC-based doctor, Peony Lee finds joy in exploring the world, and she does so with exquisite style. Her blog, “Adventures of Peony,” brings a...

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  • AnnaSophia Robb

    AnnaSophia Robb

    The American actress, AnnaSophia Robb, is a force to be reckoned with, whether you catch her in Peacock's Doctor Death, shredding in Soul Surfer or catching the train in The...

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  • Meg Lonergan

    Meg Lonergan

    Based in Houston, Texas, interior designer, Meg Lonergan is an expert at revealing unique stories through her designs. The well-traveled creative, known for her ability to mix old with new,...

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  • Shayna Fontana

    Shayna Fontana

    Based in Dallas, Texas, Shayna Fontana is a surrealist commercial and fine art photographer, whose work expands from editorial fashion campaigns to abstract, creative photography. With a constantly open-minded and...

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